keychain Kunzite Heart


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All the great characteristics of Kunzite, in a unique keychain.

Kunzite works with both the crown and the heart chakra. This means that it allows you to understand your feelings and your purpose in life. It brings forth growth in your emotions and spirituality, and it helps you approach the world with hope and faith. This amazing crystal reminds us of our own personal strength. When times are tough, the tranquil energy of Kunzite allows us to tap into our power and compassion to move forward.

Kunzite gets its powers from the element of Earth. This means it has grounding energy to it. Kunzite brings stability and security into our lives, allowing us to open up our Crown Chakra and explore higher realms of existence safely.

The planet Venus also provides Kunzite its powers. Because it is the planet of love, Venus boosts the soothing and tranquil energy of the stone. We can turn to Venus to guide our romantic life and self love journey.