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The Sparkly Crystal Lover

The founder of Leo Moon Gems, a married mother of 2 beautiful daughters and lover of all things sparkly! Combining knowledge and experience has made a great formula to a happier life. She loves connecting with other crystal lovers and welcomes you all into her crystal family.

Maria Malki


What we stand for

Discover your true potential through the power of gems.

We care!

We value our customers and are committed to creating a positive and welcoming environment.

Hand-picked with care

All minerals are carefully handpicked and handled with love to ensure uniqueness, quality and beauty.

Fair Prices

We don’t use marketing gimmicks or trade names to drive up our prices for personal profit. It costs what it’s worth


How it all started

It all started with a small druzy agate heart that I bought while visiting New York. It wasn’t something mayor at the very beginning but I just loved to see crystals on markets or inside small shops. I was super amazed by the fact that most of these beauty’s are created by Mother Earth.

It’s just incredible to see what nature can bring to us. I started to buy a few crystals for my personal collection, but for many years, I just enjoyed these pieces as a crystal lover. Never thought of starting a business.

My purpose is bringing beauty and good energy to my customers

After I started my other company (Maria Malki Cosmetics) and gained some experience as a business owner, the idea was born to start my own crystal shop. I educated myself and decided to share my knowledge and personal taste through Leo Moon Gems.
My purpose is bringing beauty and good energy to my customers, in the form of high quality minerals.

We can help you find the perfect minerals that will bring the matching energy into your life.



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