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The Sparkly Crystal Lover

The founder of Leo Moon Gems, a married mother of 2 beautiful daughters and lover of all things sparkly! Combining knowledge and experience has made a great formula to a happier life. She loves connecting with other crystal lovers and welcomes you all into her crystal family.

Hi, I just received my package. Super cute packaging & love the smell!
Thank you for the free gift, you’re the sweetest!

Anne Koring

Love the packaging! I never received such a beautiful box. Im so happy with my new baby’s. Thank you for the free gift, I’m so happy. This won’t be the last time that I will buy something.

Brigitte van der Veld

Hi Maria, I have just received my package! My goodness you packed it so neatly & it smells so delightful. I’m so happy with my pink Amy tower, freeform & sphere holder! Thank you so much!

Amanda Klein


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